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Payment solutions for globally-focused businesses.

Canvi is an Africa focus alternative financial services marketplace for cross-border, cross-currency transactions, enabling consumers and businesses to securely send and receive money and make payments with speed, ease, and reliability.

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To provide a trusted and cost-effective service for digital money transactions for both today’s payment environment and the token economy of the future.

Our Strategy

Our strategy remains simple: to deliver a competitive price and well-supported product in the markets in which we operate. Our team will be focused on:
Customer experience
Reliable and scalable system
Risk Management

Canvi has built on state-of-the-art technology to make the future of digital payments in Africa a reality, today. We provide a trusted and cost-effective service for digital money transactions which is relevant for both today’s payment environment and the token economy of the future.

Canvi is an alternative financial services marketplace, where clients can access several products. We aim to develop practical solutions for our customers to become the go-to platform in the payment environment.

Risk Engine

Canvi employs a combination of in-house built tools with the best solutions available on the market to combat:

Fraudulent card transactions
Unauthorized access and transactions

We employ AI and ML-base features to discover and prevent new fraud-related patterns.

Automated KYC/KYB

We work with industry leaders in automated KYC/KYB processes As a regulates entity we perform all necessary checks including:

PEPs/Sanctions on-boarding and monitoring
Facial recognition and ID
Proof of address and residence


Take control of future transactions in one platform.  

Multi-currency account

Canvi is an integrated multi-currency platform that allows individuals and corporate's to open currency account or e-wallet, transact with multi-currency funding options across the world.

Trade Finance.

This growth area comprises cross-border documentary trade finance instruments (including letters of credit or documentary collection) and open-account instruments (such as cross-border supply chain finance or dynamic discounting).

Cross-Border Payments

As competition intensifies, global trade flows and the global payments standard, SWIFT GPI, will make processing large international payments easier, faster, and more transparent. Combined with a flurry of tech innovation.


We receive, hold and payout your customers’ fiat currency automatically and securely. Our solution comes with a fully digital Identification process for businesses and individuals that allows for a super-smooth on-boarding and full compliance with European KYC & AML regulations.

Bill Payments

Canvi offers a payment supporting system for more than 20 currencies in the payment space for both digital and traditional transactions.


The account of the future


Unmatched rates

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying or exchanging traditional currencies, crypto or any combination therein - we’re the only company that gives you unconditional access to live interbank and OTC rates, so you always get the best deal regardless of your transaction amount.


Your account, your choice

Easily buy, store and exchange digital and traditional currencies anytime, wherever you are in the world. Canvi app's smart, secure accounts give you full control over your money:

Customise your app - choose the accounts that you want with ease.
Fund your accounts using a debit or credit card, bank transfer.
Send funds via bank transfer (SEPA/ACH/SWIFT/Faster Payments*)
Track and manage your account with instant in-app messages

Our Offer

The platform provides the best value with you in mind.

Easy Setup

Your account is ready to go in less than 5 mins. Seamlessly transact anywhere in the world.


We meet PCI DSS certified standards, giving your funds the highest protection possible.


A transaction can be completed in seconds with available access to our services in 24hours a day. 

Cross-Border Payment

Simple structures with clear expectations at a competitive price.


We provide the best customer service within the business space and time. We love you by always being here for you.

Safe & Secure

We use 2-Factor Authentication and sophisticated device authorization to ensure maximum security to your account and transactions are stored and well protected.

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